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High Quality Guarantee

The Hulk Construction’ contractors guarantee is just one of the many ways that we fulfill all of our customer’s needs and insure that they will be pleased with our services. Our company is 110% committed to our customers and we will do everything that we can to earn your approval. When we complete your job, we want you to be able to refer us to your family, friends, and neighbors with a strong conscience knowing that your job got done right and our company kept all of its promises. This simple principle is what we stand by and it has earned us the reputation we have today.

All of our work comes with a 1 year workmanship and a 1 year structural warranty. That means that we will come back to your home to fix any problems that you have as a outcome of the way we built the structure.

Our Company’s Promise To Customers:

  • Our crew will show up on time each and every single day.
  • We are obstinate about doing the job right! That means we will not take any shortcuts whatsoever.
  • We will only use quality lumber and materials.
  • Our crews will leave the work area cleaner than it was when we arrived and we will never leave any of our trash on the jobsite.
  • We will work around your schedule as you see fit.
  • Be fast, friendly, and courteous.
  • We keep yours and our safety a top importance.
  • We try to minimize our inconvenience as much as possible.
  • Our crews will be respectful to your yard, privacy, and neighbors. We only employ professional installers that carry themselves in a qualified manner.
  • Although rare, accidents can happen. We will fix any damages that resulted from us.

Workmanship Warranty: 12 Months

Any fence or deck built by Hulk Construction is under workmanship warranty for 12 months from the time of completion. That means our company will fix or replace your fence or deck that has defects due to poorly cut wood, improper hardware installs, or the structure was not built to the correct specifications. These are all examples of mistakes made by us. While we have never had a customer call us back to their home to fix a fence or deck due to our mistake, we still honor this warranty. Simply put, if we make a mistake, we will fix it for free.

Structural Warranty: 24 Months

Every structure built by Hulk Construction includes a structural warranty for 24 months from the time of completion. That means you are secure against any leaning, falling, or broken pieces of wood that transpired because of our builders improper installation. Again, we will fix the problem for free.

*This warranty does not cover damage caused by any external factors or acts of nature such as a falling tree, hurricane damage, flooding, shifts in soil, or hanging a hammock and breaking the wood. The original purchaser is the only person that is allowed to service under this warranty. It is nontransferable and you put present your original invoice to Hulk Construction. Again, we will only fix problems that are within our control and a result of bad building methods. If there is an earthquake and the wood on your fence breaks, that is not our fault, but depending on the repair we will probably not have a problem fixing it. No matter how great we are at carpentry or building a beautiful backyard structure, it would be impossible for us to fix or prevent certain things from happening. However, we will make it right if we are at fault.

*****Certain materials may have a manufacture’s warranty, which you will need to contact the appropriate company to resolve.

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