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Types of Decks: Deck Designs to Match Your Home and Lifestyle

Deciding on the deck design is admittedly one of the most exciting parts about building a deck in Nashville, Tennessee. The perfect deck design should not only open up living space. It should also encourage possibility. Decks are not just high-end patios. They serve as functional extensions of your home. We can also incorporate your Screened-In Porch ideas as well. Screened Porches in Nashville TN are a great idea when wanting to step out of that blistering sun and step into your screen room, while still being able to keep an eye on the kids.

  • Attached Decks - Like the name suggests, this deck design is attached to the main house. But don't let that limit you. You could, for example, decide you want to attach your deck to your garage. Attached decks often serve as extensions of the main home. Attached deck can be built on even ground with the rest of the house, lowered or raised. They can even be built around existing architectural features, such as staircases.

  • Wrap-Around Decks - Think of wrap around decks like extended porches, but with the added bonus of creating additional living space. Wrap around decks add height and a splash of the dramatic to your facade. They are also an option to consider if you live in a two-story home. In Nashville, TN decks like these can also stimulate airflow in the home to help you survive those hot, sticky days.

  • Island Decks - Think of an island deck as an oasis for your garden. Your expert Nashville deck builders can help determine if this is the best type of design for your soil and property. These types of decking can be built even on the most unstable of surfaces. Island decks, as the name suggests, are detached from the main house. They often feature paths or walkways, or cultivated garden areas to lead the eye. They are for the avid gardener who wants a little space for meditation.

  • Pool Decks - One of the best ways to incorporate decking into your home is around the pool. The material is ideal for the constantly wet environment. Natural decking material can complement your pool concept. It opens up the pool area for parties and everyday activities. Spa areas, hot tub areas and even aquatic gardens can all benefit from decking as the materials can be treated to prevent water damage.

There are dozens of design options for decks in Nashville. The versatility of decking makes it easy for homeowners like you to create spaces that suit your lifestyle, personality and needs.

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