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The Perfect Deck: Getting the Most out of Your Deck Design in Nashville

Do you want to enjoy that Nashville summer while relaxing on your very own garden/pool deck? Building that perfect deck can be the penultimate addition to your home and garden. Creating the space you want is both a pleasure and a challenge. Our expert Nashville deck builders can help you plan your perfect deck with these easy to follow tips:

  • Purpose - Is it going to be an extension on your living space? Is it going to be used for entertaining, gardening or landscaping?

  • It's ultimate purpose is the most important aspect of your deck and will help you determine other factors that will impact design, price and material.

  • Location - When most people think of decks, they think of something like a porch. But the possibilities can be endless. Our expert deck builders are familiar with the unique challenges living in Nashville can pose the homeowner. Your location plays a role in selection not just the materials, but also with obtaining building permits later on. This can have a huge impact on your budget and construction time.

  • Once you know what you want the deck for, take an evening or afternoon to survey your property. You may find a lovely location where you least expect it. Your garage, the garden and yard are obvious choices. You may find yourself contemplating a two story deck built into a east-facing hillside for your vertical gardens. You may find that an island deck suits your purpose best. Or a screened porch style deck that serves as a second office or storage shed.

  • Design - Our expert Nashville deck builders can help you bring your dream design to life. Don't be afraid to sketch, eliminate and start from scratch. You'll eventually hit the nail on the head.

  • At this point, your purpose can help you consider and eliminate several factors that characterize decks in Nashville, TN.

    Your design may include planters or a small gardening table if you're an avid gardener. Shading should also be considered if you want to take refuge during those hot Southern summers. Privacy screens, water features, railings, banisters -- there are dozens of design elements that create a composite look and complement your existing architecture.

    We can help you design the perfect Nashville deck and bring your vision to life.

  • Materials - The final aspect of your perfect deck is selecting materials that bring a harmonious sense of design to your property. Decks in Nashville, TN should be able to withstand the cool winters and scorching summers.

  • Look for durable, weather-proof materials that suitable for your design needs. Local deck builders like Hulk Construction can often suggest the perfect materials for your area, soil conditions and purpose.

    These four tips should help you get started on that perfect deck. For that summer barbeque. For your tomato plants. For your family. For you.

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