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Fence Nashville TN- Hulk Construction

A new fence is a great way to keep the kids or pets in the yard, and unwanted critters/neighbors out of the yard. Our custom fences add security and privacy to your yard.
We offer many wood, vinyl, or composite fence styles to choose from, including:

Hulk Fence Company is a Full Service Residential Fence Company Serving Nashville TN

A new fence or gate can offer many benefits. Would you like to increase the security of your home or office? We think security is important and have put extensive thought into how we can make your new fence or gate more secure. Maybe you're interested in enhancing your property's curb appeal and making it more welcoming. Or maybe you're interested in creating an outdoor living space. Whatever your goal, Hulk Fence company in Nashville TN has your solution.

Hulk Fence is an affordable, premier fence company servicing the entire Nashville TN Metro Area. We have refined a low-pressure consultative sales environment, and we think you'll enjoy your involvement with us. Give us a call today and discover the difference!

Fence Companies Nashville: Our Wood Fences & Gates Last Longer!

Our wood fence, wood gate, and wood deck materials must meet critical Hulk Fence standards for moisture content, natural oil content, and minimum nominal dimensions. This means our wood fences, gates, and decks will be more resistant to shrinking, cupping, splitting, decay, and even insect infestation.

Most people don't like big gaps in-between their privacy fence pickets, and Hulk Fence company in Nashville TN doesn't like them either. It has been our understanding that much of the wood sold is too wet most of the time. When a fence panel is built with wood that is too wet, the pickets shrink as their moisture content decreases. This leaves unsightly gaps in-between the fence pickets and can cause them to split and cup too early. Unsightly gaps means less privacy for your real estate.

We understand when choosing a fence company in Nashville TN, that price is an important factor. However, there are many other factors to consider when choosing the best Nashville fence company. Your fence is an investment in your home and property. A fence can either take away from your property's value or add key selling features such as security, privacy, character, and beauty.

Here are some tips for planning to build a Fence:
Planning a Fence

Before you begin, it's a good idea to check the local codes and ordinances in your area. They could influence your decision about the height, style, setback and material of your fence.

The most difficult part may be trying to decide on the style of fence and the type of building materials. We recommend using pressure treated wood or wood like redwood, western cedar or some forms of cypress i. e. , heartwood that is decay and termite resistant. And use only rust-resistant hardware for your fence - hot-dipped galvanized or aluminum nails, galvanized bolts, screws, hinges and catches... It'll help your fence last longer.

Ok, now you will want to plot your fence line. You will want to build the fence 1 to 2 inches on your side; it'll eliminate possible boundary disputes in the future. Unless, of course, you're marking joint boundary lines with your neighbor.

During this time you will have called the Guys at Hulk Construction to come out and give you a free estimate! You'll be Glad You Did!

Please contact Hulk Construction today to learn more about our many various deck and fence building options! We have built countless decks, porches and fences for homeowners throughout Middle Tennessee, and we want you to be our next satisfied customer!

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