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Nashville Deck Builders

Simply put, Hulk Construction Company builds quality products. Your deck design will be drafted to fit your home’s exact needs, space and tastes. Your deck will blend seamlessly with your existing architecture, yet still stand out as the centerpiece of your front or backyard. Not only do we build new decks, but we also specialize in the reconstruction and modification of existing decks!

There are many options in deciding what you want in a new deck or porch. Many deck floors are made from pressure treated pine, composite, cedar, redwood, or IPE. We’ll help you decide which is the best choice for your home in Nashville TN.

We offer a wide variety of deck and porch construction options, including:

- Screened-In Porches/Decks
- Wrap-around Porches/Decks
- Open or Closed Porches/Decks
- Various Rail & Beam Options
- Elevated or Low Profile Porches/Decks

Decks Nashville TN: Preserving Your Deck

A professional Nashville deck company can help you keep your deck in top condition. Periodic cleaning and finishing with a protectant will help your deck remain as good as new. It will also help in inhibiting mold and algae from growing on the deck. You can keep your deck looking great with just a pressure washing from time to time.

If you spot any stains on the deck, you may need to take care of it instantly. Remove all the debris from the area before you start cleaning. Address the stains use a mild detergent and water solution. Talk to your Nashville deck installer for any distinctive instructions if your deck is made of something other than wood. Mostly, soap and water solution, a stiff brush (do not use wired brush) and some scrubbing will work. After cleaning, rinse thoroughly using a garden hose… let the area dry. After it has dried, check the deck to confirm the stains have been removed. If you can’t remove the stains or discoloration, check with your Nashville deck company before using harsher measures. After removing the stains, use a wood preservative made specifically for decks to ensure its stays preserved for many years to come. Contact your new Nashville Tn deck company today for some great deck design ideas.

Here is an overview on Planning and Permits:
Planning a Deck

The key element in building a deck is the plan, which can serve as a guide throughout construction if it has been properly sized and drawn for existing codes and lumber tolerance.

Planning a deck doesn't require an architect nor a drafting professional. A hand-drawn sketch will be sufficient for purchasing materials, getting a permit and guiding construction...No worries we will be able to help you take care of all this!

But there are many issues involved with building a deck. Problems can arise and a first-time deck builder should probably get professional help with the design since there's no substitute for a good plan. And the more inexperienced the builder, the better the plan should be. Being that we are deck buliders by trade you want be experiencing any of these issues.

*Please make sure to have all of your underground utility lines marked before any work is performed.

Decks: Nashville TN Building Permits

Most municipalities will require a building permit for the construction of any deck, especially if it is to be attached to the house or it's more than 30 inches above ground.

We cannot stress enough the importance of consulting with your local building department about any home improvement project. Plus some homeowners insurance policies will not cover accidents involving construction that does not meet local codes.

There's a fee involved with most permit applications, but it's designed to cover the cost of a plan review before construction and the field inspections that'll be done after work begins. Inspections help insure that you're installing materials safely and according to code. Again, be sure to check with your building department to find out what inspections are required in your area. For example, in areas where frost footings are required, they'll probably want to inspect the depth of your footings before you fill them. Decks Nashville Tn permitting; in most cases this is handled by us!

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